Exactly Why We Are Better Then The Supermarkets

Do you want more bang for your buck, when it comes to purchasing meat choose us as your local butchers, we care about what meat you eat. Want to know why we are the best choice for your meat needs? because here at SSQM we specialize in meat, provide a diverse selection of products and are surprisingly cheap! and I'm not just talking about our specials. 

Why wouldn't you choose better quality, better service and a cheaper price, convenience of a super market you say? Did you know that you are paying more for less quality, less diversity and no personal experience. As I sit here writing this the truck has arrived, time to unload 6 fresh bodies of beef, a dozen lambs and 8 pigs; now it was only days ago that these fresh bodies of beef, lamb and pigs were wandering around the paddocks of Mr and Mrs Smith’s farm in Dalby. Now Robert, Will, Nathan and Wayne will set to work using their trade skills.

When was the last time you saw whole pigs’ heads or sides of goat for sale in Coles or Woolworths? We understand the products we sell and can suggest cuts of meat perfect for what your cooking up.

Wouldn’t you rather save money over a little convenience? You will travel to different fast food outlets to keep the family happy so why not go a little out of your way to save money and did you know we also do free delivery’s; that unheard of in most places! Whilst researching competitors’ prices for the purpose of this blog I found at least a dozen to be dollars cheaper even though their meat was at a lower quality. Surprise, surprise.

So come on and support your local butchers, bakers and groceries because can you imagine a word filled with big cooperation run supermarkets where no one knows your name or cares how your day has been! 

Til next time, Destiny Roberts